Located in the north of the state of Veracruz. Papantla -which means "place of noisy birds". conquer the hearts of the gods every day when the flying men invoke their ritual fertility of the land.


The stroke of the streets of this town is irregular and capricious, leaving picturesque nooks between houses with tile roofs, some colonial mansions still remain with their gates, vestibules and courtyards called “asoleaderos”, traditional places where vanilla is left to dry in the sun.


This is the only place in the world with three recognitions by UNESCO:

  • El Tajín – 1992 - World Cultural Heritage of Humanity
  • Ritual Ceremony of the Flayers of Papantla – 2009 - Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
  • Center for Indigenous Arts (CAI) – 2012 - Cultural and Intangible Heritage for good safeguarding practices.

 In addition to these recognitions, it has a designation of origin by the IMPI and it is classified as a "magic town" (Pueblo Mágico) by SECTUR.

  • Town of Papantla - 2005 - Magic town Brand.
  • Vanilla of Papantla – 2009 - Protection of the Designation of Origin of Vanilla




  • El Tajín Archaeological Zone.
  • Cuyuxquihui Archaeological Zone.
  • Center for Indigenous Arts (CAI).
  • Ritual Ceremony  of the Flyers of Papantla.
  • Mural to the Totonaca Culture.
  • Murals by the teacher Pepe Martínez.
  • Parish of our Señora de la Asunción.
  • Chapel of Cristo Rey.
  • Monument to the Flyer.
  • Teodoro Cano Museum
  • Xanath Nature Reserve.
  • Markets



  • Corpus Christi Fair.
  • Ninin Festival.
  • Cumbre Tajín.
  • Vanilla Fair.

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